Interview with Kira Buckland, 2B’s voice in NieR: Automata

Kira Buckland is an american voice actress known for participating in numerous works related to the world of anime and video games. Although currently known as the voice of 2B in NieR: Automata, the magnum opus of Yoko Taro, Kira has also played roles in works of the caliber of The Asterisk War, Accel World or Blue Exorcist if we talk about Japanese animation and Bravely Default, Fire Emblem Heroes or Tales of Zestiria when dealing with video games.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with her briefly to offer this interview. You can read the interview in spanish here.

I think that being a voice actress goes much beyond giving voice to a character, especially in terms of the inclusion of the interpretation. How is that proccess?

A lot of times we don’t know what we’re recording for until we actually go in, because the material is very confidential. But the voice director will tell us a bit about the story and the character we’re playing, and sometimes we’ll have clients from the localization team there to give us context as well. We’re usually told a bit about each scene as we record it, and sometimes we listen to the original performance in Japanese for each line as well. But since each actor records individually, we don’t get to hear what everyone else did until the game or show comes out and everything comes together.

Kira Buckland

You have voiced characters like Edna on Tales of Zestiria, Izumo on Blue Exorcist and 2B on NieR: Automata, three “mean girls”. Is it a coincidence or is it really the kind of character that goes with you? What kind of character is the most difficult to interpret for you?

Yes, I actually really like voicing mean girls. It’s a character type that is fun for me and I think I can get into that kind of attitude easily even though I am not a mean girl in real life. Believe it or not, the hardest type of character for me to play are those that are supposed to just sound like a regular person talking! It’s actually challenging for me to «act natural» when I am so used to playing cartoony characters with big personalities.

Talking about NieR, was difficult to play 2B? I think she’s a little different from other characters you’ve played.

Yes, her character type was very new to me at the time. It helped me a lot getting to hear the original Japanese performance, and also to get guidance from the director and clients as to how they wanted to see the character interpreted in English.

I’ve seen all your streamings with Kyle playing Nier, and I enjoyed them very much, you work very well together. Your performance gives a lot of life to the relationship of 2B and 9S. Would you like to work with him again?

Kyle and I had met a couple of times in passing before, but it wasn’t until after Nier came out that we became close friends! I think he is a fantastic actor and did a great job as 9S. I would love to work with him again.

Kira Buckland

You have put voice to many anime characters and videogames, which of the two do you like the most?

I love doing both, but I think video games are easier for me because we don’t always have to match lip flaps onscreen (only for cut scenes). I am also a gamer so I really like the idea of getting to play as my characters.

You usually publish many photos of your cosplays in Twitter, what does it feel like to dress up in a character you’ve played?

I really enjoy cosplaying so it seems only natural to cosplay some characters I have voiced, too. Of course I get some negative comments and «haters» but a lot of fans really appreciate it.

We said goodbye to Kira with a big hug and we remind you that you can follow her on her Twitter account to be aware of her latest work.

Written by: Oscar Martínez

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