Interview with Area 35’s team, developers of Tiny Metal

The independent Japanese studio Area 35 – lead by Hiroaki Yura – has launched its first title on the market, Tiny Metal, a work based on military strategy with an accessible tone and an entertaining and addictive game system. We have not only had the opportunity to review Tiny Metal, but also we have managed to make a space in their agenda to talk about the development of it and its future.

Hiroaki Yura, Tiny Metal’s director, is It is widely known in videogames world, but Area 35 is a completely new studio. Was hard to launch your first project?

Undoubtedly, it has been a challenge for the whole team but we have put the best we have each to share with everyone.

Tiny Metal has an unique style but it seems to have a clear inspiration in Advance Wars. Are there more influences besides this inspiration?

As you say, our main influences come from the Advance Wars series. In addition to that we have taken references of the latest steampunk and anime trends.

With this influences, what you think that makes Tiny Metal a unique game?

Our game mechanics differentiate it from other similar titles. We have mechanics such as focused fire, which allows you to attack an enemy with several units at a time or assaults, to prevent enemies from conquering buildings. We also have our system of «hero units». All these details add a new layer of strategy on its gameplay.

You are already launching updates for Tiny Metal and soon you will add it’s online multiplayer mode. Do you will add more content in the future?

We plan to add a lot of news. As you say, we will soon add an online multiplayer mode, but that will not be the only thing. We thought updates ranging from improving the game interface to the inclusion of a large number of new units, we want to expand much the cast of characters! And we do not forget the already existing ones, they will also have news soon.

Talking about future, have you already think for a new Area 35’s project?

We would love to continue with Tiny Metal‘s brand, it is our first project and we would like to continue with it. We would love to tell you more about future interesting projects from Area 35, but our confidentiality agreements do not allow us to tell you much more.

Yoko Taro, Drakengard and NieR director have talked about Tiny Metal (in his usual special way), is him opinion important for the game?

Mr. Taro’s endorsement of the Tiny Metal brand and product has been a great honor for the entire team!

For last, Nintendo Switch is now the best console for indie games, a great opportunity for Tiny Metal. Do you choose to launch the game in it for this reason? Do you plan to launch it on other platforms?

Yes, the truth is that it is a great option for us. As you know, now the game is also available on PlayStation 4 and PC. At the moment we do not contemplate making it reach more platforms.

Written by: Oscar Martínez

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